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Hullo! And welcome to the diary of a curly girl. This site has been my baby since 2013, when I first started writing about the Curly Girl Method, posting some outfits, and of course, featured my true love, food. It’s gradually morphed to a space in which I’m free to vent about life, discuss various hair routines I’m trying, and connect with a like-minded community. Whether you’re here for the company, the hair care advice, or the photos of great food, welcome! Feel free to explore the various haircare sections, and add in your two cents, of course – I love a good dialogue. So snuggle in, grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a piece of cake), and make yourself at home in my little piece of virtual real estate.

Photo by Erin Caitlin of Erin Caitlin Photography.

Workin’ on my Fitness

I mentioned in my post a few days ago that I was doing a different eating and workout routine. Let’s talk about that, shall we? I tend to get bored easily. With hair routines, workout routines, doing the same thing day in day out at… Read More

What’s the Deal With Silicones?

I was recently reviewing a product for Curls Understood when, as I was scouring the ingredient list before putting it into my hair, I realized that it had silicones (a silicone ingredient is basically anything on the list that ends in ‘cone’). My initial reaction,… Read More

What the Heck, Jess?

I know, I know. What the hell have I been doing lately? I’ve been totally MIA, and it’s inexcusable. Except….it’s just been so damn nice outside. Like, gorgeous. Like today after work I just went and read outside for an hour and a half, soaking up… Read More

Seasonal Sealants

Interested to know what the heck a sealant is, or what kind of sealant is ideal for your hair? I rounded up my favourite sealants according to the season over at Curls Understood. Head on over to check it out!